Go Long For Luke is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that embraces the community to get involved and raise autism acceptance and awareness. When Go Long For Luke was founded, we wanted to exemplify kids raising awareness for kids with Autism. Unfortunately, when these kids age out of school when they’re 21 years old, there aren’t many options for them. Our goal is to provide a daily recreational program with group homes, so they can have a healthy, safe, and thriving life. We won’t stop until we get this done!

In 2013, at The East Hills School in Roslyn, New York, Luke and Sophie Greenfield (9 years old) met Cole and Jesse Faller (10 years old) at the integrated after-school program. Sophie and The Faller Boys decided to create a charity to raise awareness for the autism community and named it Go Long For Luke. Since then, Go Long for Luke has had 6 successful flag football fundraising events. Four in Roslyn, New York, and Two in Atlanta, Georgia. 

What is Autism?​

Autism is defined as a complex developmental disability that usually appears during early childhood. The result of this neurological disorder, which affects the functioning of the brain, is characterized by the absence of the innate ability to learn and communicate. Autism is more prevalent than childhood cancer, down syndrome, and cystic fibrosis. More Info at Autism Speaks

“Luke has autism,” Cole wrote.

“It’s okay…Autism is just a different way of thinking…. It’s fun to play with him because he is so fast. All the time he runs everywhere. I love to chase him…. Luke has a sister named Sophie and parents just like me. He has many friends also. Some kids with autism hear, see, smell and taste differently than other people. He covers his ears if someone screams. To Luke, it sounds about 10 times louder. He cannot communicate that well, so he does it through an iPad. He has a schedule too. Luke understands some things differently. That’s my buddy Luke.”